1. Name of the department : Education

  2. Year of Establishment : 1974

  3. Opening Year of major: 1999


The Positive link between education and development has been accepted and established. Hence , there is a need to understand various facets of education . To fulfil this need the college has established the department of education in the year 1974. Since then, education is taught at general level from the first year to the third year of the undergraduate level till 1998. From the year 1999 along with general course major course was also started.


To contribute to the society by creating such generous personalities who can revolutionize in educational, literary, economic, cultural, vocational and other aspects of the society.
Programmes/course offered :  Under Graduate(Honours /major and General)
Annual/ Semester/choice based credit based system (programme wise) : Semester System , CBCS



Dr. Rina Kalita, Assistant Professor, HOD

Educational Qualification : M.A., Ph.D.
Email : rinak1@ymail.com

Dr. Anandita Das, Assistant Professor

Educational Qualification : M.A.,
Ph. D.
Email :dasanindita27@gmail.com

Nijara Kalita, Assistant Pfrofessor (Contractual)

Educational Qualification : M.A.
Email :nijaranijara12345@gmail.com

Departmental Activity