Name of the Department : English

Date of Establishment : 6th Sept., 1974

Wall Magazine : English Brigade

Students’ Journal : Miscellancy

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Introduction :

      The Department of English of Chhaygaon College was established with the inception of the college in the year 1973 with Pre- University standard from the session 1974-75, later with undergraduate standard from 1979-80. For a few years the department dealt with the General English Course. From the Year 1992 the department started the Major Courses. The current three year B.A. programme (Six Semester) in English began in 2013. The Department of English, Chhaygaon College is a prominent department of the entire South-Kamrup area fulfilling the needs of second language learning. Now the department extends teaching and learning to the students of B.Com in the form of Communicative and Functional English. At the same time it also participates in the teaching of Western Literature in the M.A Assamese classes, of Chhaygaon College.

Mission and Vision :

    What the department of English aims to do is to impart knowledge of the syllabi, the philosophical aspects, personal experiences of human life and most of all to develop a mindset of analyzing things critically. The department tries to impart comprehensive knowledge of English Literature.
Moreover, endeavour of the teacher is made to impart language skills of English to the students as much as possible so that in their practical life they become competent and confident in the usage of English to face different interviews and competitive exams in their lives. In a nutshell we can express the mission and vision of the department with the following points-
  1. To develop excellence through scholarship, critical and analytical ability among students.
  2. To engage students with the broader preview of knowledge apart from syllabi radius.
  3. To emerge as a centre of literature and language studies.

Objectives :

    To help the students –
  1. To speak, read, and write properly in English.
  2. To enable them to communicate competently under all circumstances.
  3. To make them confident and better citizens.
  4. To prepare the students to face the challenges in this competitive environment.

   Faculty Profile :

Dr. Rajiv Deka, Assistant Professor and HoD

Educational Qualification: MA, B.Ed, MPhil, PhD, NET, SLET,

Mr. Manoj Kumar Goswami, Assistant Professor

Educational Qualification: MA

Dr. Lakhyadhar Sarma, Assistant Professor

Educational Qualification: MA, B.Ed, MPhil, PhD, SLET Email:

Mr. Jogesh Bhattacharyya, Assistant Professor

Educational Qualification:MA, B.Ed, MPhil

Mr. Pankaj Lochan Das, Assistant Professor(Contractual)

Educational Qualification: MA, NET, SLET