Name of the Department:  HINDI

Date of Establishment      : 01/08/1982

Head of the Department  : Dhiren Ch. Das, M.A., M.Phil

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Wall Magazine                    : “LOUHITYA’’


        The Department of HINDI at Chhaygaon College started  in the session of 1982 at Higher Secondary level . B.A course has been started in the year of 1985 after getting permission from Gauhati University.


      Our prime importance is to establish co-ordination between Hindi language and Assamese literature language and culture. The mission of the Department of Hindi is to popularize the Hindi language in the North-East region through providing opportunities for higher studies. Its  seeks to develop human resource in the field of Hindi oriented job opportunities and to strengthen national unity and integrity.


  1. Our motive is to cultivate Nationalism in the minds of the students and specially to develop the talents of the Assamese students outside of Assam.
  2. The Assamese students are unable to capture their expected jobs due to the lack of fluency in Hindi outside Assam though they have efficient capability. We are expecting that they will be able to get their jobs after learning Hindi.
  3. Since Assam is a multi-lingual state, the Hindi Department aims to promote the language as a link language.


      Higher Secondary Level and B.A. (Honours & Regulars).


MR. DHIREN CH. DAS, Assistant Professor, HOD.

Education Qualification: M.A.,M.Phil.
Area of specialization: Krishna Bhakti Kavya
Teaching experience : 26 years

MR. JATIN RAJBONGSHI, Assistant Professor

Educatin Qualification: M.A., M.Phil
Area of specialization: Chhayabadi kavya
Teaching experience: 22 years

PRIYADARSHINI DAS, Assistant Professor

Education Qualification: M.A.,NET,JRF
Teaching experience: 1 month

BARASHA RABHA, Assistant Professor ( Contractual)

Education Qualification: M.A.
Teaching experience : 7 months

PANKHI KAKATI, Assistant Prefessor( contractual )

Education Qualification: M.A.
Teaching experience: 3 months