• Chhaygaon College, Chhaygaon, Kamrup, Assam

The emblem of our prestigious college has been designed in a circle rested on a raised surface with four pillars in each corner. The circle is indicating towards motion, prosperity and continuity. The background encircled by the red sun bears hope of light and knowledge. The sun is braced on either side by two branches bearing leaves. In front of the sun is designed a bird in flight with food in its beak which indicates struggle for existence and pursuance of knowledge. Just below the sun two words in Sanskrit are attached (Bidya Sadhoyote) which means ‘knowledge is power’ and is the only weapon to achieve our goal and objectives. The establishment year of the college is engraved in the lower foremost part of the emblem which marks the initiation of higher and quality education in greater Chhaygaon area.