• Chhaygaon College, Chhaygaon, Kamrup, Assam


To provide the students with knowledge, skills, values, and sensitivity to face the challenges in life both in the academic field and in social and private lives. The college aims at providing high-quality education and cutting-edge areas leading to the creation of a college where innovation, invention, and entrepreneurship remain the cordial focus and thrust. The college strives to prepare the students to face the challenges encountered in a competitive environment. The mission of the institution is as follows:

* To impart quality higher education and educational innovations for academic excellence.
* To provide opportunities for the students to develop their personalities through community.
* To promote an awareness and understanding of society and its numerous problems among the students.
* To attempt to evolve strategies for guiding and counseling students for self-employment and entrepreneurship development.
* To provide a forum for interaction and exchange of views among the teachers and students by organizing seminars, conferences, workshops, etc.
* To equip the students to lead social life happily in peace and harmony.
* To utilize the different resources and facilities available in and around the institution to maintain the quality of the academic and other aspects of campus life for the benefit of the staff and the students.
* To encourage national integration by undertaking different socio-cultural activities. Besides, the college seeks to see how the students and teachers benefit from each other.


The vision of the institution is to provide excellent educational opportunities to empower students to contribute to the transformation of society by encouraging and molding them to be socially conscious and responsible. We seek to achieve our educational vision by creating an academic environment where the intellectual, cultural, social, physical, and recreational needs of the students are met.

Offering a learning platform where students come together to challenge one another's ideas in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Providing extensive field experience to bring together theory and practice.

Proving social service to the larger community of the area as well as ensuring faculty, administration, and student participation in community programs.