Name of the Department: PHILOSOPHY.

    Year of establishment :6th September,1986 (General), 2005 (Major).

   Email of the Department:

    Aims & Objective:

   Teaching in the undergraduate level and imparting quality education.

  • To prepare the students to face the numerous challenges in a highly competitive world.
  • To integrate the advance science and technology with social responsibilities by value- based education.
  • To impart education based on human values, heritage and rich cultural tradition of the Indianphilosophy and practices of the philosophical goods in general.
  • To develop thinking ability and intellectual power by introducing logic.
  • To make them understand the history of western philosophy and its development from the Greek age to the Analytical Age .
  • To introduce the students with major religions of the world and its comparative study.
  • To introduce the students with the ethics which is introduced in modern time.i.e practical ethics.

    Departmental Infrastructure and Facilities:

    There are three faculty members in the Department of Philosophy who have been rendering their services with heartfelt responsibilities. There is a small Departmental library consisting of text books, reference books and journals. The books are lent to the students as well as to the teachers. Computer with Internet facility is available merely for the teachers. The department is well furnished with tiles flooring . Students of the department get facility to exhibit their creative talents through the Wall Magazine ‘DARSHAN SUBHAH’(fragrance of Philosophy).

    Names of Programmes/Courses offered: Under graduate   course in  Honours , Regular Course(RC) And Regular elective (RE) course with CBCS Semester system is offered which is given by GU

      Faculty Profile :

Dr. Naba Kr. Kalita, Associate professor (Principal & HOD)

Educational Qualification: M.A, Ph.D.
Specialisation: Religion

Dr. Kakoli Bezbaruah, Assistant Professor

Educational Qualification : M.A., Ph.D.
Specialisation: Philosophy of Relegion, Indian Philosophy
Email Id:

Jaya Rani Das, Assistant Professor (Contractual)

Educational Qualification: M.A , B.Ed, NET
Specialisation: LOGIC

Ila pathak, Assistant Professor (Contractual)

Educational Qualification: M.A,B.Ed
Specialisation: Logic
Email Id: